EYE-530 Multi & Hyperspectral Imager
Key Features
  • Multi- and hyperspectral capabilities in one payload
  • Provides multiple, low contrast target detection
  • Small, lightweight, low power and Tier 2 UAV capable
  • Rapid transition between missions vehicular platforms
  • Capable of detecting a wide range of targets
  • Data transmitted via single GigE line
  • Gimbal controlled via Cloud Cap ViewPoint©
  • Customized Cloud Cap TASE400© gimbal
VNIR Cameras
SWIR Spectrometer (Headwall)
Video Camera
Prosilica Cameras Two synchronized, 12-bit CCD cameras with selectable filters and/or polarizers
Spectral Region VNIR, 400-850 nm
Spectral Bands Preconfigured bands depending on mission. Bandwidths range from 10 nm to >40 nm
Image Size 1360 x 1024 pixels, 6.45 µm pixel size
Field of View Ranging from 5.5-50 degrees full angle depending on lens selection
Frame Rate up to 3 frames per second (processing dependent)
Spectral Range 900 to 1700nm
Focal Length 100 mm
Focal Ratio f/2.8
Spatial FOV 6.15 deg
Instantaneous FOV 0.2475 mrad
Focal Plane 640 x 480 pixels, 25 µm pixel FLIR Tau SWIR Imager
Spatial Resolution 23 mm (9") at 3000 ft.
Spectral Resolution 10.7 nm, 75 possible bands
Frame Rate 75 Hz
Camera Marshall Electronics V-1255
Data Format NTSC Video - 30 Hz
Payload Specs
Size 178 x 190.25 x 272 mm
Diameter 190.25 mm
Weight 9 lbs
Power <100 watts (steady state)
~180 watts (peak)