EYE-510 Multispectral Imager
Key Features
  • Low-contrast target detection across a range of environments
  • Four high-sensitivity spectral CCD cameras with interchangeable narrow bandpass filters
  • 8-100mm focal lengths available
  • Sony video camera with variable zoom
  • Modular design enables rapid customization based on mission requirements
  • Data transmitted via single GigE line
  • Gimbal controlled via Cloud Cap ViewPoint©
  • Customized Cloud Cap TASE400© gimbal
Applications: Multispectral
VNIR Cameras
Video Camera
Payload Specs
Prosilica Cameras four aperture synchronized,
12-bit CCD cameras with selectable filters and/or polarizers
Spectral Region VNIR, 400-850 nm
Spectral Bands Selectable over the VNIR range depending on mission. Bandwidths range from 10 nm to >40 nm
Image Size 1360 x 1024 pixels, 6.45 µm pixel size
Field of View Ranging from 5.5-50 degrees full angle depending on lens selection
Frame Rate Up to 3 frames per second
(processing dependent)
Camera Sony FCB-EX1020
Chip Sony 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD
Zoom 36x optical zoom
Data Format NTSC Video - 30 Hz
Size 178 x 178 x 259 mm
Diameter 178 mm
Weight 8.1 lbs
Power <100 watts (steady state)
~180 watts (peak)